China Seminar | 6 October 1983

Life in China and the United States

ZHAO Jinglun ZHAO Jinglun

The China Seminar resumes its Thursday luncheon meetings (how’s about the first Thursday of the month for a change?) on October 6, 1983, at the Maple Garden Restaurant, 909 Isenberg Street. Yes, it has been some sixteen months since we had our last meeting! For this re-inaugural, the Seminar will have an opportunity to meet and listen to Zhao Jinglun.

Featured in Newsweek at the “Oriental de Tocqueville,” Mr. Zhao has been in the United States and at Harvard on a Nieman Fellowship, followed by a Ford Foundation grant. Trained as an economist at Vanderbilt and Harvard in the late 1940s, Mr. Zhao returned to China during the Korean War and soon into the stresses and storms of the Cultural Revolution. Now returned to America, he continues his goal in life, to write about life in the United States for his countrymen, to “break misconceptions and widespread ignorance,” and to serve, as do other members of his family, “as a bridge between China and America.” Mr. Zhao has journeyed far and wide in America and has insightful things to say about justice and crime, intellectuals and business, cowboys and computers, oil and jazz.