China Seminar | 6 December 1984

Teaching American Students the Beijing Opera

YANG Qiouling YANG Qiouling
LI Jialing LI Jialing

“Teaching American Students the Beijing Opera” will be the topic. For this unusual topic of cultural transfer, we are fortunate to have Madame Yang Qiouling, Mr. Li Jialing of the Beijing Opera Academy of China come and tell us something of their experiences in helping to train American students in the intricate parts of this art form. Along with master musician Wan Ruixing, they have been here for three months working with Dr. Elizabeth Wichmann in preparation for putting on “The Phoenix Returns to the Nest” scheduled for February, 1985. Madame Yang is the leading actress of the Beijing Opera Academy and the last student of the legendary Mei Lanfang, who introduced the art to America some decades ago. The visitors will be leaving toward the end of December, and will not be able to see the production. So, please come and hear their experiences and expectations.