China Seminar | 11 February 1988

The Chinese Palate: The Search for the Imaginative and Sensual

Daniel W. Y. Kwok Daniel W. Y. Kwok

Founding convener of the China Seminar, Professor Kwok is both Chairman of the History Department and Director of the Center for Chinese Studies, University of Hawaii. His special field is the history of Chinese thought. From time to time, he offers excursions into Chinese culture and life. The “Chinese Palate” is such an excursion which he gave before a San Francisco audience on the occasion of a Sichuan archeological exhibition and cultural festival in the spring of 1987.

As the Lunar New Year is only a few days away, this meeting will have an added dish to the usual fare. For this occasion, the luncheon will be nine dollars and will be served after the presentation. Payment may be made in advance or at the door; checks should be made payable to Maple Garden Restaurant.