China Seminar | 14 May 1992

Love, Marriage, and the Sexual Revolution in China


Zhao Hong is one of the most prolific writers for Xinhua’s China Features Section (China’s only English-language feature service that provides stories about various aspects of the country to foreign newspapers and magazines). She has covered numerous subjects, including economics, mass media, foreign trade, science, medicine, archeology, and social issues, especially the changing status of rural women, marriage problems of career men and women in cities, and civil disputes in families and between neighbors. Zhao Hong has traveled widely across China and her articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Korean Business World (South Korea), South China Morning Post (Hongkong), The Straits Times (Singapore), Oriental Art (Britain), and Depth News (The Philippines). In 1988 she was appointed to the editorial board of the news service and in 1990 served as the assistant director of the Press Center of the 11th Beijing Asian Games. She also lectures and gives on the job training to junior Xinhua journalists.

Zhao Hong received a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Shandong University in 1982 with her graduation thesis entitled “The Language of the Press.” She received her M.A. in Journalism from the Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in 1986. Ms. Zhao was in Honolulu as a visiting journalist during the Tiananmen spring of 1989 and presently is here for the academic year 1991-92 as holder of a Freedom Forum (formerly Gannett) Fellowship in Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii.