China Seminar | 10 December 1992

The Return of the Y.M.C.A. to China: Hawaii's Role

Tan Tek Lum Tan Tek Lum

Please join us for the fascinating story of Hawaii’s critical role in the “return” of the Y.M.C.A. to China as told by business and civic leader Tan Tek Lum.

The century-old role of the Y.M.C.A. in the modernization of China was severely interrupted by the Cultural Revolution. The story of the Y’s return is all the more captivating because of the fact that there are still Y.M.C.A. chapters in the major cities of China welcoming the return of world chapters.

Tan Tek Lum and his wife, Wai Ling, recently headed a national Y.M.C.A. group to China for the dedication of a school building and a hospital building, for which the national chapter had donated U.S $400,000. The Honolulu Y, serving all of Hawaii, raised $250,000 of this total! Mr. and Mrs. Lum worked tirelessly on this major achievement.

Mr. Lum is Executive Vice President and Director of Lum Yip Kee, Ltd. and enjoys an international reputation in real estate appraisal, management and counselling. Aside from his numerous business and professional affiliations, Mr. Lum is also active in civic work. He is the Hawaii Chapter Chairman of the American Red Cross for 1992 and has served in various capacities on boards and councils of such institutions as the Hawaii National Bank, Kuakini Medical Center, Kuakini Health System, Lin Yee Chung Manoa Chinese Cemetery Association. He is also Director and Chairman of the Louise and Y.T. Lum Foundation.