China Seminar | 14 October 1993

Chinese Images of America: Changes of Half a Century

Frank Tang Frank Tang

The speaker will trace changing Chinese images of America from the Pacific War to the present. These images are considered in their historical and political settings, especially the vicissitudes of the Cold War, fluctuations and upheavals in China’s internal politics, and Chinese perceptions of American society.

Presently visiting professor of American Studies at the University of Hawaii, Professor Frank Tang spent over half a lifetime in China, including six months as a U.S. Armed Forces newspaperman during World War II and being present at the birth of the People’s Republic.

Professor Tang was the founder of the American Studies Program at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and directed the program until he resigned in protest after the events of Tiananmen in June 1989. His has written five books and over forty articles, and has lectured at scores of universities.