China Seminar | 11 November 1993

China's Economic Reform and Implications for Integration

Colin M. White Colin M. White

Colin M. White, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economic History of La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, will address issues of Chinese economic reform.

Professor White did his graduate work at Cambridge University. He has specialized in Russian and East European Studies, as well as in the economics of the Pacific Rim, bringing to his talk on China a broad and comparative perspective. White is author and co-author of four books and numerous articles, with two new works in preparation: Running on Two Legs and The Two Americas.

During the week before his arrival in Honolulu, Professor White will attend two conferences in Baltimore and Washington. His talk to the China Seminar will be from a paper he presented at one of these conferences on a book entitled China Deconstructs.