China Seminar | 8 September 1994

Across Ethnic and National Boundaries: Inner Mongolian Identity

Wurlig Bao Wurlig Bao

Please join us for a timely look at China from the perspective of one of its fifty-six minorities. This talk will fill out the theme of “Greater China,” which we have explored during the last two years.

Wurlig Bao, a Chinese citizen of Inner Mongolian ancestry, will speak on the subject of Inner Mongolian identity. She is presently at the East-West Center as a post-doctoral research fellow for 1994-95. Dr. Bao received a Ph.D. and M.A. in anthropology, University of Washington (1994 and 1988), M.A. in Liberal Arts, Alaska Pacific University (1986), B.A. in English, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Languages (1980), and A.A. in political science, Central Institute of Nationalities, Beijing. Her research interests include modernity and multiculturalism in China; class, gender, ethnicity, and nationalism in China; and education for Chinese and ethnic minorities.