China Seminar | 8 December 1994

Hong Kong: The New Middle Class, 1997, Democratization

Alvin Y. So Alvin Y. So

Dr. Alvin Y. So, professor of sociology at the University of Hawaii, returns to the China Seminar to provide another update on Hong Kong as the reversion date to China is now within a thousand days.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Dr. So received his Ph.D. from U.C.L.A. in 1982 and joined the University of Hawaii in 1984. Winning the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, Dr. So received his full professorship in Sociology in 1993. Dr. So is a productive researcher of the economic sociology of South China and the surrounding region. He is also a gifted teacher, receiving the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching. He is an active participant in the many dialogues occasioned by the scheduled reversion of Hong Kong to China in 1997.