China Seminar | 16 February 1996

An Encounter with Foods of the Chinese New Year

Daniel W. Y. Kwok Daniel W. Y. Kwok
Robert Hsu Robert Hsu

Robert Hsu, owner-manager of Maple Garden Restaurant, has agreed to offer to the CHINA SEMINAR a luncheon of several dishes containing ingredients indispensable to traditions of the Chinese New Year. This special meal will be accompanied by some commentary by D. W. Y. Kwok on the symbolic and culinary aspects of foods of the Chinese New Year.

In addition, Ms. Zhang Ling, a noted guzheng (zither) player from Beijing, has kindly consented to perform before the luncheon.

Members of the CHINA SEMINAR are welcome to share the microphone to tell their own New Year food stories, for these tales are truly numerous and many traditions vary according to the locality.