China Seminar | 8 May 1997

Muslim Ethnic Separatism in China: The View from Istanbul

Dru Gladney Dru Gladney

The accounts of ethnic unrest in China’s Northwest of recent months are part of a much larger and longer story of the multi-ethnic mosaic of China, not of constant unrest, but certainly of the multiplicity of ethnicities and contrasts in aspirations and expectations. Dr. Dru C. Gladney returns to speak to the China Seminar on this important subject.

Dru C. Gladney is Senior Research Fellow at the East-West Center, and Associate Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. A cultural anthropologist, Dr. Gladney is a specialist on ethnic nationalism in China and Central Asia, with particular interest in Muslim peoples in the region. His books include ­Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People’s Republic of China (Harvard University Press, 1996); ­_Dislocating China: Muslims, Minorities, and other Subaltern Subjects_ (forthcoming, C. Hurst); and _Making Majorities: Composing the Nation, China, Korea, Malaysia, Fiji, Turkey, and the U.S._, editor (forthcoming, Stanford University Press). Dr. Gladney appeared on CNN in March and writes also for major newspapers and periodicals.