China Seminar | 21 January 1999

The Greening of China?

Carol M. Fox Carol M. Fox

The government of China has invited The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to join in the creation of an integrated conservation and development project in an area the size of Ireland in the northwest corner of Yunnan Province. As leader of the Conservancy’s first team into china, Carol Fox will describe the Yunnan Great Rivers initiative, recently designated by the State Development Planning Commission as a pilot project in China’s effort to strengthen its entire protected areas system. Ms. Fox will also summarize results from a Roper Starch survey of consumers in Greater China assessing their attitudes toward and awareness of environmental issues. The first such survey ever conducted in Greater China, the study was commissioned by TNC and funded jointly by the AT&T Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Carol M. Fox is Director of Program Development, Asia/Pacific Region for The Nature Conservancy. Before joining TNC in 1986, she was Assistant to the Director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. There she opened architect I.M. Pei’s new East Building and launched “Art for the Nation,” the gallery’s first public campaign. Upon moving to the islands in 1982, she joined The Bishop Museum and organized its first public programs division, including development, public information and community outreach. As the Regional Director of Program Development for TNC, Carol has primary responsibility for initiating programs in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. She also assists with programs elsewhere in the region. Carol, who speaks Mandarin Chinese, lived and taught in Asia for six year, from 1968-1974, with her husband, a U.S. Foreign Service Officer stationed in Hong Kong and Taiwan.