China Seminar | 20 May 1999

The Meaning of May (Wusi) and June 4 (Liusi) in China Today

Shuqiang Zhang Shuqiang Zhang

Dr. Shuqiang Zhang, associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Hawaii, is a graduate of Fudan University in China. A victim of the Cultural Revolution, Zhang had to undergo re-education under military supervision in Xinjiang. Later, he taught at Jiangxi University and eventually arrived at the East-West Center for graduate studies in the U.S. Since June 4, 1989, he has been closely monitoring the evolution of democracy in China. His talk occurs on the 80th anniversary of the May 4, 1919 Incident as well as the 10th anniversary of June 4, 1989. He wishes to dedicate his talk to the memories of those who gave their lives for democracy in China on June 4, 1989.