China Seminar | 14 September 2000

Private Education in China

Siegfried Ramler Siegfried Ramler

Private education in China intrigues all who have followed the modern development of this socialist country and society. Siegfried Ramler is eminently suited to elucidate on this matter. A frequent visitor to China, Mr. Ramler is best known for his work in the development of international education at Punahou.

Vienna-born, Mr. Ramler has a distinguished career in language education and curriculum and instructional designs at Punahou School. He has also lectured in the German, French, and Political Science Departments at the University of Hawaii. Before coming to Hawaii, he was an interpreter at the Nuremburg trials. He was the founding director of the Wo International Center at Punahou. Currently he is Adjunct Fellow at the East-West Center and President of the Pacific Basin Consortium.