China Seminar | 8 November 2001

Jingju 京剧 (Beijing/Peking Opera): Three Renowned Artists Discuss the Creation of Roles

SHEN Fuqing SHEN Fuqing
LU Genzhang LU Genzhang
LI Zhenghua LI Zhenghua

In February 2002, the University of Hawaii Department of Theatre and Dance will stage the jingju “Judge Bao and the Case of Qin Xianglian,” under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak. She has invited three leading jingju artists (performers and musician) of international renown to help teach and train the Hawaii students. Professor Wichmann-Walczak, who has enthralled Honolulu, Beijing and Shanghai audiences with her jingju productions and performances, will present the artists and interpret their talks.