China Seminar | 14 February 2002

China's WTO Entry and Its Financial Sector Reforms

S. Ghon Rhee S. Ghon Rhee

Dr. Rhee received his BA from Seoul National University Law School, MBA from Rutgers University, and Ph. D. from Ohio State University. Prior to his joining the University of Hawaii in 1999, Dr. Rhee was a Resident Scholar (1997-99) of the Asia Development Bank and professor of finance and capital markets research at the University of Rhode Island. He has also taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie-Mellon University, Ohio State University, and University of Zagreb.

Specializing in finance and capital markets research, Dr. Rhee has published numerous studies of and spearheaded research on Asian financial crises, mortgage-backed securities markets, and government bond markets. He serves as Managing Editor of Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, a premier academic journal focusing on Asia-Pacific capital markets and financial systems. He has served as Program Chair of the Annual Pacific-Basin Finance Conferences 1987-97. Recently, he received the 2001 Archimedes Award from University of Catania (Sicily) and Erasmus University (Netherlands) for his contribution to academic research on Asian capital markets.