China Seminar | 19 December 2002

China and the United States: An Encounter of Scholars Teaching About Each Other's Country

Siegfried Ramler Siegfried Ramler

Siegfried Ramler, Senior Adjunct Fellow at the East-West Center, highlights a unique and cooperative two-year exploration of how Chinese and American scholars can better teach about each other’s country and culture. This initiative, a joint program of the East-West Center, Peking University and the Chinese Ministry of Education, focused on the United States in the summer of 2001 and on China in the summer of 2002. The China segment, involving 15 Americans and 15 Chinese, offered an insight into many aspects of contemporary China as explored in Beijing, Yunnan region, Nanjing and Shanghai.

Vienna-born, Mr. Ramler has a distinguished career in language education and curriculum and instructional designs at Punahou School. He has also lectured in the German, French, and Political Science Departments at the University of Hawaii. Before coming to Hawaii, he was an interpreter at the Nuremburg trials. He was the founding director of the Wo International Center at Punahou.