China Seminar | 11 December 2003

Two Classical Chinese Gardens in America: Slides and Comments

Daniel W. Y. Kwok Daniel W. Y. Kwok

Professor D. W. Y. Kwok, the founding convener of the China Seminar, is professor emeritus of history at the University of Hawaii, where he has taught Chinese history and world civilizations. He has concurrently served in numerous administrative posts, including chair of Asian Studies, chair of the Department of History, and director of the Center for Chinese Studies. He also directed the university’s Asia Fellowships Program for Journalists. Among his publications are: Scientism in Chinese Thought, 1900-1950 (1965, 1971); Cosmology, Ontology, and Human Efficacy: Essays in Chinese Thought (with Richard J. Smith, 1993); his translation and editing of Yan Jiaqi and Gao Gao’s Turbulent Decade: A History of the Cultural Revolution (1996); and The Urbane Imagination: Ideas of Civilization in the Chinese Garden (1997).

He is filling in for the scheduled December speaker, who could not come to Hawaii for family reasons and who was to speak on a garden in north China. Please come and enjoy the pictures taken by the speaker.