China Seminar | 8 September 2005

Hawaii and the China Market

Christopher Cottrell Christopher Cottrell

Chris Cottrell is managing editor of that’s Guangzhou Magazine, having moved there in early 2005 from Shanghai, where he taught English, co-authored a travel chapter about the city and covered the first Hawaii trade delegation for the Star-Bulletin. And partied. In fact, he became so familiar with Shanghai’s nightlife that, in 2004, he gradually landed a job as the bar & restaurant editor for that’s Shanghai. Prior to that Chris, born and raised in California, pursued an MA in history at the University of Hawaii, while freelancing for several publications including the L.A. Times, Boston Globe, and Honolulu Star-Bulletin. In June 2005, he interviewed Governor Linda Lingle in Guangzhou about relations between Hawaii and China. With his summary of Hawaii’s historic trade and cultural links with China in the context of the larger trade dynamics in China, he will also highlight areas where Hawaiian interests can get into the China market “without having their lunch eaten, or losing it. . .”

He is the author of the forthcoming book: Islands of ‘Iliahi; Sandalwood and the Making of Hawaiian Mana Tree, 1811-1843; as well as an untitled manuscript of reportage essays about contemporary culture in China.