China Seminar | 15 March 2007

Olympic Fever

MAO Lijun MAO Lijun
LIU Weifeng LIU Weifeng

Three Parvin Fellows from China Daily attending the University of Hawaii will present for the China Seminar the scope and intensity of Beijing’s preparation for the 2008 Olympics. Liang Qiwen, three years with the Guangdong Bureau, will give the overview of China’s first Olympics, touching on construction, urban planning, green Olympics, and security issues. Mao Lijun, Wuhan University graduate with a two-year stint in the paper’s business section, will concentrate on the types of services put up by hotels, transportation companies, and small businesses; Liu Weifeng, four years at China Daily after graduating from Guangdong University in foreign studies and first runner-up in 2005 Developing Asia Journalism Awards in People and Development category by Asian Development Bank Institutes in Tokyo and winner of two other local awards by Guangzhou Municipal Government, will give vignettes of the popular involvement with this event.

The Parvin program for journalists from China at the University of Hawaii is under the general direction of Professor Gerald Kato. The fellows also receive curatorial and instructional care from veteran journalists Suzanne Tswei and David Polhemus.