China Seminar | 9 April 2009

In Their Own Words – Parvin Journalism Fellows and Chinese Media

Parvin Fellows 2009 Parvin Fellows 2009

The Parvin Journalism Fellows provide their personal accounts of the news media in China. These young journalists share their understanding of the central role journalists play in the public life of the most populous nation on earth and one of the largest markets for newspapers in the world. Three of the journalists work for the Xinhua News Agency and three for the English-language China Daily. They are among the best of the new journalists working within China’s evolving media.

For the past 28 years, the Parvin Journalism Fellowship Program has brought young journalists from China to the University of Hawai`i to study Western-style journalism. The fellows also partake of programs and events at the East-West Center. Through the continuing support of the Albert Parvin Foundation, more than 200 journalists from China have had the opportunity to participate in the program.  Among the former fellows are top editors at Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and other news organizations and publications in China.

Parvin vitae will be distributed at the talk.