China Seminar | 10 November 2011

SMART (Student Media Art) Exchange Program – “Where Are We Now?”

Tom Brislin Tom Brislin
Anne Misawa Anne Misawa

This is an update on the exchange program, which started in 2006 and occurs biannually, every October (Hawaii) and June (Shanghai, China) under the auspices of the Hawaii International Film Festival (“HIFF”), the Shanghai International Film Festival (“SIFF”), Shanghai University and UHM. For each film festival, student films are selected from each school and the filmmakers are invited as official delegates to the film festival. Along with film festival participation, these students participate in a filmmaker’s workshop and produce film collaborations, (Sino-US student film collaborations,) during a three-week period. A 15 minute short film– “Destiny, Fortune, Love” a three chapter film, directed by three student filmmakers, was produced during the 2011 summer’s exchange..

Tom Brislin, Chair of the Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii, since 2004, assists in the administration of the Academy and teaches courses in Critical Studies. Prior, he was the founding chair of the university’s School of Communications. He has had an extensive career as a newspaper and broadcast journalist in Hawaii and Guam.

Anne Misawa is an Associate Professor at the Academy for Creative Media, University of Hawaii where she has taught Cinematic Production since 2004. Having graduated from University of Southern California’s Graduate Film and Television Program, she has worked internationally in various aspects of film production. Her primary work is as a Director and as a Cinematographer.