China Seminar | 15 December 2016

Collecting China and Chinese Collecting

Shiqing Xue Shiqing Xue
Kevin Zhang Kevin Zhang

This month’s China Seminar enters the fascinating world of Chinese art collecting by inviting two speakers from China to offer views and perspectives on this world-wide phenomenon.

Shiqing Xue, connoisseur-collector-authenticator-consultant, will be interpreted by David Ding Ye. Mr. Xue graduated in 1991 with a BA degree in Chinese Art from Suzhou Institute of Fine Arts. He then joined Yangzhou Branch of National Bureau of Cultural Relics as Chinese art authenticator. In 2002, he established his art gallery in Shanghai: the Jixu Caotang (集虚草堂Thatched Hut of Modesty Collection) showcasing his collections.

Kevin Zhang, Beijing-born COO and Director of Sungari, received his secondary education from a boarding school in Portland, Oregon. He graduated with his BA and MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has been at Sungari since 2014.

Sungari International (中贸圣佳) Established in 1995, Sungari International has scored numerous signal accomplishments including the successful sale of Mi Fu’s Yanshan Ming (米芾研山铭) in 2002. The successful auction of this 1000-year-old scholar art was well received domestic and overseas acclaim in the market of Chinese art as a milestone in the wave of Chinese artworks returning home. Sungari is known for its innovativeness and learning from the best auction houses around the world.