China Seminar | 10 January 2019

What's Hot, What Looks Hot, and What's Not – in China's IP Development

David Ai David Ai

China has experienced the fastest rise in intellectual property (IP) development in the world. Its domestic invention patents now rank #1 worldwide in patent applications. But the development is not without the froth pushed by government incentives. This is a forum where we will explore what’s glittering and what is really gold as China continues its impressive gains in technology development.

David is currently Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Office of Innovation and Commercialization at University of Hawaii System since 3/2018 after serving as Director of Knowledge Transfer at the City University of Hong Kong (4 years), and managing inventions at Stanford’s Office of Technology Licensing including its technology marketing in China (6 years). Previously, David was an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and innovation executive, who successfully launched several start-ups, including acquisitions and IPO in China, Japan and US. He is Cabinet Member and Portfolio Chair at AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers), working to advance academic-industry collaborations worldwide. David received a BS from National Taiwan University, an MS in computer science (Indiana University), an MBA (Stanford University), and a J.D. (Santa Clara University). He is a registered patent attorney (California), and an international expert in the diverse area of innovation, law, business, technology, startups and VC investments.