China Seminar

Nancy Barrett Dowdle

Nancy Barrett Dowdle

3 May 1984

Minority Population Research in Western China

“Minority Population Research in Western China” will be the topic of a presentation by Nancy Dowdle. From the fall of 1982 to December 1983, Nancy Dowdle was at Sichuan University, doing research at its Institute of Population Studies on a grant from the Committee in Scholarly Communication with the People’s Republic of China. At the same time she was a junior research affiliate with the Population Institute of the East-West Center.

25 June 1981

A Journey to the Land of Twelve Thousand Rice Fields

“A Journey to the Land of Twelve Thousand Rice Fields” is the topic of a talk by Nancy Barrett Dowdle. During April this year, Nancy took on an assignment with the National Geographic Magazine and visited Xixuangbanna in Yunnan Province. There, only a short distance from the Burmese and Laos border, she observed the Water Festival along with other ways and customs of the Dai people, one of China’s many national minorities.