China Seminar

Cathryn H. Clayton

Cathryn H. Clayton

13 November 2014

Hong Kong and Macau: Beyond the Headlines

In recent weeks, both Hong Kong and Macau have been making headlines around the world: Hong Kong for unprecedented student protests that have shut down key parts of the city, and Macau for a sharp decline in casino revenues that reflect important changes in mainland China. This talk, based on the speaker’s decades-long acquaintance with the two cities and on her recent trip to the region, will take a look behind the headlines at the social, political and economic changes both cities have undergone in the past ten years, as well as the causes and potential long-term effects of these most newsworthy events.

10 November 2005

The New Macau?

Macau, influenced by the European West far longer than Hong Kong, reverted to China in December, 1999. What has been happening in these six years as an SAR of China against the backdrop of four hundred and fifty years as a Sino-Latin enclave? It has also been a major source of Chinese migration to Hawaii. Dr. Cathryn Clayton will probe the meaning of Macau’s current status against its rich background for the seminar.