China Seminar

Fred Hung

Fred Hung

12 November 1992

The Economies of Taiwan and Mainland China: An Informal Comparison

A well-known economist and frequent consultant on Chinese economic behavior, Dr. Fred Hung has been at the University of Hawaii for over three decades. During this time, he taught a wide range of subjects in his field from development economics to micro-economics theory. He served as Chairman of East Asian Studies, helped found Chinese Studies, and chaired the Department of Economics shortly before his retirement. For the past three years, Dr.

25 January 1979

Reports on Recent Trips to China

A dinner meeting is planned to that we well have more time and relaxation in hearing from two Seminar members who just returned from a most timely visit to China. In addition to rich experiences during these exciting times in China, they were present at the event launching a new era in Sino-American relations. The Seminar will hear from Fred Hung, Professor of Economics and Chairman of East Asian Studies, U.