China Seminar

Bill Sharp

Bill Sharp

8 March 2018

Division and Reconciliation: Towards the “Turquoisation” of Taiwan Society

Leaving behind its authoritarian, one party past, Taiwan became a beacon of democracy not only in Asia, but also to the former Soviet satellite countries in Eastern Europe. As much of an inspiration to others, it faces paralyzing political polarization. The talk will focus on the historic fissures in Taiwan society, cross-strait relations and Taiwanese identity, and other factors including political culture, globalization, inequality of wealth, demographic challenge, legislative and constitutional reform, transitional justice, semi-presidential system vs.

8 November 2012

The Fifth Generation Takes Over

On the day that CPC to convene 18th National Congress, Mr. Sharp will give us a talk on the fifth generation of PRC leadership, lead by Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, that will soon take political control of China. He will focus on the kind of policies they might pursue. For example, what domestic issues might consume their energies? How will they address China’s economic slow down? What will their foreign policy priorities be?

9 December 2010

Sino-Japanese Relations: In the aftermath of the recent Diao Yu Tai/Senkaku Island Incident

Sino-Japanese Relations is a very timely topic given the recent flare-up of tensions and nationalism over Diao Yu Tai. Japan has significantly benefitted from the Chinese market in recent years, yet at the same time, become increasingly alarmed by China’s growing military budget as Japan’s contracts. Japan is also concerned about Chinese space exploration, cyber warfare, and espionage. Attitudes of the Japanese and Chinese toward each other are dismal. However, if China is to one day be the undisputed leader of Asia, it must persuade Japan to distance itself from America, Japan’s number one ally.