China Seminar

TUAN Chi-Hsien

TUAN Chi-Hsien

13 October 1988

China's Modernization Reform: Retrospects and Prospects

Mr. Tuan is currently a Research Associate with the East-West Center Population Institute. Earlier he studied agricultural economics at Princeton and the London School of Economics. In China from 1958 to 1973, Mr. Tuan was a research fellow in the Institute for Agriculture and Economics at the Agricultural Science Academy and later taught at the Beijing Teacher Training College. He has had close contact with the Chinese rural society.

27 August 1981

Plans and Planning China's One Billion

Mr. Tuan Chi-hsien (Duan Ji-xian) will discuss “Plans and Planning China’s One Billion.” A Rockefeller scholar at Princeton in 1955 and a research scholar at the London School of Economics in 1957, Mr. Tuan returned to China and did work at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing. After spending a few years in Hong Kong, Mr. Tuan joined the Population Institute of the East-West Center in 1980 as a Research Associate.