China Seminar | 11 March 1993

“Greater China”: What's in a Name?

Stephen Uhalley Stephen Uhalley

“What does one call these days the fascinating China-Hong Kong (and Macao)-Taiwan (C-HK-T) Triangle area? A suitable and distinctive designation is certainly desirable.” is how Professor Uhalley begins a recent paper on this timely topic of what constitutes “Greater China.” Please come for a presentation of the historical, geographical, cultural and political dimensions of the term. Defining a “Greater China” should have some interesting resonances with last month’s presentation on Chinese nationalism.

Professor Stephen Uhalley, Jr. is currently serving his second term as chairman of the Department of History of the University of Hawaii, having joined the faculty in 1971. He has also served as the director of the Center of Asian and Pacific Studies. His field is contemporary China and he has published numerous works, among which are Mao Tse-tung: A Critical Biography and A History of the Chinese Communist Party. Dr. Uhalley will have just returned from giving a formal presentation of the topic at the Center for Chinese studies Regional Seminar on “Greater China” at the University of California at Berkeley on February 26-27.