China Seminar

Stephen Uhalley

Stephen Uhalley

11 March 1993

“Greater China”: What's in a Name?

“What does one call these days the fascinating China-Hong Kong (and Macao)-Taiwan (C-HK-T) Triangle area? A suitable and distinctive designation is certainly desirable.” is how Professor Uhalley begins a recent paper on this timely topic of what constitutes “Greater China.” Please come for a presentation of the historical, geographical, cultural and political dimensions of the term. Defining a “Greater China” should have some interesting resonances with last month’s presentation on Chinese nationalism.

5 November 1987

The 13th Party Congress: Reaffirming Limited Reform

Dr. Stephen Uhalley, Professor of History.

2 April 1987

Countdown to the 13th Party Congress (Oct. 1987): Implications for the Reforms?

Dr. Stephen Uhalley is Professor of History at the University of Hawaii. Former Director of Asian Studies and the first Acting Director of the Center for Asian & Pacific Studies, he is the author of numerous publications on China and Asia, including a history of the Chinese Communist Party soon to be published by the Hoover Institute Press at Stanford University. Dr. Uhalley will discuss recent political events in the PRC, and speculate on the major issues confronting China’s leaders.

18 February 1980

Recent Developments in Sino-Soviet Relations: Implications and Prospects

Dr. Stephen Uhalley, Jr., Professor of History at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, will speak on “Recent Developments in Sino-Soviet Relations: Implications and Prospects.” Dr. Uhalley specializes in contemporary Chinese affairs and has visited the Soviet Union.

28 December 1978


Professor Stephen Uhalley, Jr. has just returned from his third visit to China. He was in Peking in early December, and therefore was a witness to the most recent happenings. He will discuss his “Observations” with us, both as a recent traveller and long-time student of contemporary Chinese affairs.