China Seminar | 13 April 2017

China and America: A Rooster Year and a Trump Presidency

James A. Kelly James A. Kelly

This is a very uncertain period and James Kelly will try to update the always complex Sino-American relationship. This year China faces an important five year Party Congress and the Trump administration is shaking up America’s longstanding ties with other countries, the largest being China. Mr. Kelly will leave to others the analysis of Washington DC and American politics. But beyond China’s internal politics, as interesting as they are, China is facing vast economic challenges and, at the same time, initiating significant policies toward the Indo-Asian Pacific region. We will seek to have a discussion of China’s problems and policies and a likely Sino-American summit. As a frequent speaker and writer about economic and political issues of East Asia and the Pacific, James Kelly has been a think tank head and businessman. Before retiring, he was the Assistant Secretary of State (East Asian and Pacific Affairs) from 2001-2005, under President Reagan (1983-1989) as Special Assistant for East Asia (NSC Staff), and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. Mr. Kelly was past President (1994-2001) of the Pacific Forum, CSIS, and is the current President of EAP Associates, LLC and a Trustee of The Asia Foundation. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, National War College and Harvard Business School (MBA), and retired in 1982 as a Captain in the U.S. Navy. He is now a member of the Advisory Board of Marvin & Palmer, Inc. an equity management firm in Delaware and lives in Honolulu with his wife, Sue.