China Seminar

James A. Kelly

James A. Kelly

8 November 2018

China and U.S. Relations in Trouble?: Comments on Issues, Dangers, Prospects, and Possibilities

When China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi – in a recent public meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – demands that U.S. officials stop “wrong actions and words”– attention must be paid. That same week, Vice President Mike Pence in a formal policy speech, indicted China for a vast series of misdeeds, including interference in American domestic matters. Observers around the world are concerned despite a seeming cordial working relationship between Presidents Xi and Trump.

13 April 2017

China and America: A Rooster Year and a Trump Presidency

This is a very uncertain period and James Kelly will try to update the always complex Sino-American relationship. This year China faces an important five year Party Congress and the Trump administration is shaking up America’s longstanding ties with other countries, the largest being China. Mr. Kelly will leave to others the analysis of Washington DC and American politics. But beyond China’s internal politics, as interesting as they are, China is facing vast economic challenges and, at the same time, initiating significant policies toward the Indo-Asian Pacific region.

10 September 2015

Xi and Obama Meet: Observations on a More Competitive but Vital Relationship

The relationship of China and U.S. has emerged as the world’s most critical. It is also unprecedented in its complexity. The rise of certain tensions have caused some to question whether a cooperative relationship has moved beyond being competitive to a condition in which it is becoming adversarial. At the same time a powerful paramount leader of China – perhaps matching Deng or even Mao in influence – has taken office at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.