China Seminar

SHEN Xiaomei

SHEN Xiaomei

13 January 1994

On the Eve of the Honolulu Premier of SHAJIABANG: Fire Amid the Reeds – A Revolutionary Opera

Privileged as the last student of Mei Lanfang and a celebrated artist of the Beijing opera genre in her own right, Mme Shen Xiaomei will speak on the passage from traditional to modern revolutionary opera in China. She will be accompanied by musician [] and performer []. For the past semester, the three artists have been visiting master-teachers at the University of Hawaii Department of Theatre and Dance, where the revolutionary model opera, Shajiabang, Dr.

9 November 1989

Creations in Beijing Opera

SHEN XIAOMEI is currently a principal actress with the Jiangsu Beijing Opera Company in Nanjing. She was a student of Mei Lanfang, the most famous Beijing opera performer of the 20th century. She has appeared at major festivals in leading cities throughout China and toured extensively throughout the world. ZHU HONGFA is a principal actor with the Jiangsu Beijing Opera Company. He has also toured extensively. His performances have been seen in Scandinavia, Australia, and Hong Kong.